The Reason We're Doing This


In the summer of 2005, we went to the Philippines for a three-month vacation. Before the trip ended, Lola pulled us aside and gave some important advice to keep in mind as we returned to our American lives: “Family is the most important thing. Never forget your ties to the Philippines and your culture.” That was the last advice we received from Lola. One month later, they discovered an aneurysm. Several weeks later, she was brought to surgery.  Days later, she was listening to us from heaven.

We still remember those words and her voice like it was yesterday. We didn’t know at the time—but surely she did—that this advice was the most important lesson we would need to fully understand who we are and embrace where we came from.

This website is both an homage to our Filipino culture and Filipino-American upbringing; and an exploration of self-discovery through creativity.