As Filipino-Americans, we cannot distinguish ourselves as either Filipino or American, but as combinations of both cultures. That is why we are Timplaa Tagalog word meaning to blend or mix. 

When constructing our dishes, we take inspiration from our blended cultural upbringing, empowering us to push past the traditional and into the innovative. Our cuisine tells the complexyet immensely gratifyingstory of finding your place in a melting pot culture.

We invite you to join our pilgrimmage to the past, present and future of Filipino cuisine.


Timpla's supper club consists of a 5-course menu displaying Filipino dishes with modern culinary techniques and seasonal inspirations. Allergies and dietary restrictions can be accommodated with advanced notice. Dinners are kept at 10-15 guests to maintain a close, intimate ambience.

$85 per guest for an all-inclusive evening. BYOB.

Dinners occur once a month in Washington, DC. Guests are notified of the dinner's location one day prior to the event. 

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