We Have a Story to Tell

What happens when four individuals, each with a passion to innovate Filipino cuisine, stumble upon each other?
Short Answer: Timpla is born.

Four knuckleheads with a dream

Four knuckleheads with a dream

Long Answer:  
It truly was a coincidence—or perhaps a matter of time—that we came together. Each of us had our own experiences growing up with Filipino food, yet collectively felt this cuisine was missing the wow factor needed to bring it into the mainstream. Although we love dishes like kare-kare, crispy pata, and sinigang from the bottom of our hearts—and have the chubby, pre-teen pictures to prove it—we knew presenting Filipino food in this traditional, salty, meat-heavy way wouldn’t allow it to compete with the popularity of other Asian cuisines; more so other international cuisines so popular and beloved.  We wanted to showcase how beautiful, elegant, versatile and innovative Filipino food can be.

The epiphany. We all met at a family party amongst many rounds of drinks and chafing dishes filled to the brim with the very food we wanted to transform. While consumed in our happy states, the topic of Filipino food came up and we started sharing our individual dreams to elevate Filipino cuisine to the caliber it deserves. Until then we never knew that others shared our same ambitions, but once we realized the potential of putting together our talents in culinary arts, mixology, business, and design, we knew we had something very special to offer.

This night led to ongoing exchanges about what we can do to present Filipino food in a non-traditional manner. These exchanges went from casual emails and text messages to group dinners testing concepts to a meeting that eventually conceptualized our supper club.

The first steps were deciding on a name, our target audience, the experience we envisioned for our guests, and what we wanted to convey to the community by doing this. Seven hours on a cold Saturday afternoon in a Safeway food court led to an official business plan and reachable goals. Once we had the name, logo, brand identity and mission in tact, we focused on marketing and presenting ourselves via social media—the turnout was better than we could’ve ever expected.

The first few posts were met with likes and comments from friends and acquaintances, but it wasn’t until we were reposted by Filipino Food Movement that we really got noticed.  Filipino Food Movement is an organization that works to spread awareness of Filipino cuisine in America. Their platform brings together established and amateur Filipino restauranteurs, supper club/pop-up owners, and chefs who all have a passion of pushing Filipino Food forward, to encourage and learn from each other.  After gaining invaluable support from FFM and Filipinos in that community, we got the confidence to go full-force with Timpla.

We cannot describe the level of euphoria and fulfillment we feel when sharing our stories and food with guests during the supper clubs. It’s been everything we’ve hoped for and every event empowers us to keep planning the next, bigger steps. Dear reader, we truly hope for the opportunity to serve you as guest in the near future, and we guarantee you will not regret the experience of having such a passionate group share their souls with you!